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Applications to Canadian colleges up 70% after Trump victory

Universities from Quebec to British Columbia say applications and website visits from the U.S. have surged since Donald Trump's victory.

Judge temporarily suspends Montreal pit bull ban

A Quebec Superior Court judge temporarily suspended Montreal's pit bull ban on the same day the new law was to come into effect.

Canadian police say they thwarted possible terrorist threat

Canada's national police force says it has halted a possible terrorist threat, but it is providing few other details.

Panda gives birth to 2 cubs at Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo says a panda on loan from China has given birth to two cubs.

Rescued alligators from Canada make new home in North Myrtle Beach

From Toronto, Canada, to North Myrtle Beach, 15 well-traveled alligators began a new life this week at Alligator Adventure.

Dead raccoon gains internet fame after residents create roadside shrine

A dead raccoon named Conrad has become the center of a bizarre social media phenomenon. As it waited for hours to be picked up by the city, a shrine was built around the creature on the side of the road, propelling it to Internet fame.

Reddish moon caused by Canadian wildfires

The reddish tint of the moon Wednesday evening has to do with large wildfires burning in Canada.

Wilmington Red Cross worker heading to Canada to help with flood relief

video Victoria Kling, the Regional Response Manager for the Eastern NC Region of the American Red Cross, will head to Alberta, Canada, where record floods ravaged the area this summer and forced 90,000 to leave.

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