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How much pot in that brownie? Chocolate can throw off tests

How much marijuana is really in that pot brownie? Chocolate can throw off potency tests so labels aren't always accurate, and now scientists are trying to figure out why.

NC proposes smokable hemp ban as demand grows

North Carolina is the latest state considering a ban on smokable hemp, a product that's exploding along with the health craze surrounding a compound in the plant known as CBD.

NC woman charged with having marijuana says it was CBD

Hemp and CBD shops are popping up all over the country, including in North Carolina. Many people are turning to CBD oil as an alternative medicine.

Carl’s Jr. will test a CBD-infused burger

Carl's Jr. is testing out a cannabis burger to stay at the forefront of the CBD trend.

Kim Kardashian West plans CBD-themed baby shower

Kim Kardashian West is "high key freaking out" about the arrival of her fourth child and wants nothing more than to Zen out at her baby shower.

CBD is getting buzz, but does it work? And is it legal?

With CBD showing up everywhere, U.S. regulators announced Tuesday they are exploring ways the marijuana extract could be used legally in foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Farm Bill leads to CBD stores popping up in Wilmington

Cannabidiol or CBD seems to be all the rage lately. But what exactly is it supposed to treat, and how effective is it?

New Chandler’s Wharf coffee shop offers CBD additives

Grow N.C. is a cozy new coffee shop in downtown Wilmington. It’s location, tucked into one of the spaces at Chandler’s Wharf, means it’s essentially underground, owner Gus Villapiano said.

Legal marijuana industry toasts year of global gains

The last year was a 12-month champagne toast for the legal marijuana industry as the global market exploded and cannabis pushed its way further into the financial and cultural mainstream.

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