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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Celebrate without putting on the pounds this year!

Is it possible to celebrate the season without packing on pounds?  Yes!

Humpday Health: Becoming healthier with a New Year’s resolution

We checked in with a few people around the Port City to find out what their New Year's resolutions are as 2018 gets going.

Humpday Health: Diet tips for holiday party season

December is the prime time for people to get together with their family, friends, or coworkers to celebrate the holidays, but all these parties can be detrimental to your diet.

Humpday Health: Keeping your diet intact this Thanksgiving

Food is a big part of celebrating Thanksgiving. There are some things you can do to keep your diet intact during the holiday.

Humpday Health: Beach Body Diet

Beach season is basically here and it's a time of year when a lot of folks are rushing to get a beach body ready to hit the sand.

FTC shuts down diet-pill distributer for alleged fake claims

A Glendale, California, company closed 10 months ago will pay about $10 million to settle claims by the Federal Trade Commission that it wildly exaggerated the results of its diet supplements, used fake endorsements from people like Oprah Winfrey and hired marketers to send millions of spam emails.

FIT MINUTE – Wilmington man loses 125 lbs

videoWatching TV during the day or late at night, you might see those infomercials promising a quick fix to your weight problem. Personal trainers say, many times, those programs just don't work because real weight loss takes time and dedication.

FIT MINUTE: Get rid of the dreaded bra bulge

videoFor many women, finding a bra that fits well around the body isn't easy. It seems that no matter which type they choose, there's still some fat hanging over the band. But, they can start to get rid of that with certain exercises.

FIT MINUTE – Get over that plateau

videoSo you've been working out for awhile and you've seen changes on the scale and in your body. But, maybe those changes aren't coming as quickly anymore, or maybe not at all. You've hit a plateau! You can get over it though.

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North Carolina man accused of assaulting firemen during fire

Authorities have arrested a man who they say assaulted firefighters as they fought a fire at his North Carolina home.

Pet Pals: 6-month-old Pitbull is looking for his forever home

This week’s Pet Pal is a 6-month-old Pitbull named Prince and is in need of a forever home after being found as a stray.

Dog who completed bucket list in New Hanover County dies of canine lymphoma

In August, we reported the story of Petey, a three-year-old dog suffering from canine lymphoma.

Wilmington film industry booming, but lacking in extras

The film industry is breaking records in 2021, both in North Carolina as a whole and in Wilmington specifically. However, the industry is currently struggling in one area.