FIT MINUTE: Seated Zumba gives you great workout while sitting down

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Zumba is a high-energy and fast-moving dance workout that’s taken the fitness world by storm. But, that can be intimidating to those who are older or have physical issues. So, that’s why instructors created a different, modified class known as seated Zumba.

“We try to meet here,” said B.J. Walter and Maureen Faney laughing.

That fun-filled laugh coming from two women who met for the first time while exercising at the YMCA in Wilmington.

“We started in the weight room at the same time and then started gradually taking other classes,” said Faney.

One of those classes Walter and Faney take is Zumba.

“It’s fun,” Walter said.

“Zumba can be so versatile,” said Jennifer Cookson, a Zumba instructor.

It’s versatile because during the class Walter and Faney take, they dance while sitting down.

“A lot of people that maybe their joints can’t take regular Zumba classes, they have the option to stay seated for the whole class or a lot of them will stand for some songs and then sit back down,” Cookson said.

“I started taking the seated classes because I thought this was going to be really easy. How hard can that be. They are extremely difficult,” Walter said.

Instructors said that’s because you have to use your core even more.

“So, you’re moving all these different ways and your core has to keep you centered otherwise you’ll fall off the chair. So, naturally you use your core to do the movements,” Cookson said.

While instructors do modify those movements for the seated Zumba class, Walter and Faney said the moves are still a hit and fun enough to keep them laughing.

“I went to two weddings this summer … I was like I was out there! And everybody’s going, ‘Mom, what?'” said Faney laughing.

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