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H2GO customers share frustration over potential costs of county reverse osmosis plant

A majority of the commission spoke carefully about the county RO test results and report. Customers did not hold back.

County leaders, lawmakers tour pilot reverse osmosis system

Brunswick County leaders and state lawmakers saw first hand the work of a pilot RO system at the Northwest Water Treatment Plant.

Battle over H2GO assets continues with court hearing

H2GO leaders, the Town of Leland and the Town of Belville were back in Brunswick County Superior Court.

H2GO board looks to change wording to December gag order

Even the board's attorneys say the order could be construed as impeding the freedom of speech rights of the sanitary district's employees.

H2GO board meets for the first time in 2018

Neighbors crowded the meeting chambers as board members debated water testing, sampling as well as hearing the latest on the preliminary injunction town of Belville.

New H2GO board picks chair, begins new majority against RO plant, asset transfer

Jeff Gerken was elected 3-2 to become the new H2GO commission chair.

Belville Town Council meets for first time since H2GO announced transfer

H2GO commissioners will meet Tuesday evening at Leland Middle School for their last meeting of the year.

Work on controversial Reverse Osmosis plant continues

Construction is still happening on the reverse osmosis plant in Brunswick County two days after Leland, Belville and H2Go took their battle to court.
H2GO plantvideo

Battle for H2Go: How we got here

As the battle over the future of H2Go and its plans for a reverse osmosis plant go to court, we break down what's happened over the last several years to get here.

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