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Mini Mercury skips across sun’s vast glare in rare transit

Mini Mercury is skipping across the vast, glaring face of the sun in a rare celestial transit.

Mercury makes rare move across the sun

A relatively rare move for Mercury. The smallest planet is appearing this morning as a tiny black dot on the face of the sun, and it's expected to last for about 7 ½ hours - until about 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

HEADS UP! Five planets can be seen just before the sun comes up

Early morning stargazers will be treated with a rare spectacle that hasn't occurred since 2005. Five planets, located closest to Earth, will align in the sky.

Five Brightest Planets Will Line Up Like a String of Pearls

Five bright planets -- Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter -- will be visible just before sunrise beginning Jan. 20. The planetary spectacle is expected to last for the next month -- and the best part is, people hoping to get a look at the cosmic occurrence can enjoy it with the naked eye.

FDA: Pregnant women should eat low-mercury seafood

The Food and Drug Administration is reminding pregnant women to stay away from certain fish that can be high in mercury. But the agency won't require package labeling on mercury content, which is what consumer groups had sought.

Mercury in water treatment plant at Camp Lejeune

Officials at Camp Lejeune say a water treatment plant at the Marine base is offline after workers found 12 pounds of mercury in the pipes.

Mercury found in Camp Lejeune water plant pipe

Camp Lejeune has shut down one of its water treatment plants after mercury was found in a pipe in the facility.

NC mercury air emissions down in coal plants

A state study shows that mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants in North Carolina have gone down 70 percent in the last decade.

High levels of mercury concern community

videoAs Wilmington risks not meeting new state sulfur dioxide standards, opponents question the impact of a cement plant planned for Castle Haynes. Now, results from a recent test show that some folks in the Cape Fear have high levels of mercury in their bodies.

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