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Couple wears swastika masks in Minnesota Walmart

A couple in Minnesota wore red face masks emblazoned with swastikas to a Walmart in a video posted on social media.

Ex-SS guard on trial: I saw people led into gas chamber

A former guard at the Nazis' Stutthof concentration camp has testified at his trial that he once saw people being led into the gas chamber when he served at the facility.

Amazon removes Nazi-themed items after complaints

Amazon says it has removed items with Nazi or white supremacist symbols from its website after criticism from advocacy groups.

Israeli, Polish presidents join Holocaust remembrance march

The presidents of Israel and Poland joined thousands of others Thursday for a Holocaust remembrance event at the former Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau, hoping to put recent tensions behind them.

Georgia parents upset after teacher assigns ‘Nazi Party mascot’ project

The dad said his son was given the project a his middle school teacher. It would’ve come only a day after the holiest of Jewish holidays.
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Professor worried about violence after Charlottesville protests

Videos online showcase the actions of the white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia and UNCW professor, Barry Salwen, says this is just a reminder of what Nazi Germany was like.

Acclaimed Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko dies in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Acclaimed Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, whose work focused on war atrocities and denounced anti-Semitism and tyrannical dictators, has died. He...

Court sentences former Auschwitz guard to 5 years in prison

A former guard at the Auschwitz death camp has been sentenced to five years in jail after a four month trial, a court in Germany has ruled.

95-year-old being tried in Germany on Auschwitz allegations

A German court says a 95-year-old man will go on trial next month on 3,681 counts of accessory to murder for allegedly serving in the Nazis' Auschwitz death camp.

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