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Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Tag: Pokemon Go

Wilmington man accused of using Pokemon Go to meet, sexually assault child

A Wilmington man is accused of meeting a child through Pokemon Go and then sexually assaulting him.

Chicago lawmaker proposes cracking down on Pokemon Go sites

A popular site for "Pokemon Go" characters in a conservation area on the north Chicago lakefront has attracted hundreds of players and inspired legislation to protect ecologically sensitive areas.

Church uses status as Pokemon gym to create community

It may look like just a church, but Northside Church here in Wilmington is also a Pokemon GO gym and it's bringing folks together right here in this parking lot to play the popular video game.

Pokemon Go event at NC Aquarium tonight

The after-hours event is from 6:00 until 8:00 tonight and offers an opportunity to catch, battle, hatch...and hang out at the aquarium.

Police: Man assaulted in argument over ‘Pokemon Go’

A 53-year-old Detroit-area man is in a hospital after an argument with a 33-year-old man who was playing "Pokemon Go."

No ‘Pokemon Go’: South Carolina gov wants capitol stops back

South Carolina's governor is asking the company that runs the "Pokemon Go" app to return the Pokestops and gym that are the backbone of the popular game to the state capitol.

What’s troubling athletes arriving in Rio? No ‘Pokemon Go’

So the plumbing and electricity in the athletes' village took several days to fix. Who cares?

‘Pokemon Go’ creators working to be ‘respectful’ of reality

The creators of "Pokemon Go" say they're working to remove real-world locations that don't wish to be included in the mobile gaming sensation.

‘Pokemon Go’ to be updated with trading capability

The head of the company behind "Pokemon Go" says more capabilities for the wildly popular smartphone game are coming, including the ability to trade Pokemon.

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WPD: Man arrested after fleeing from officers

A man is being held on a more than $1,000,000 bond after Wilmington Police arrested him Thursday night.

Local summer camp has kids learning video game history

It's not your typical summer camp, but it's one that keeps these kid's heads in the game.

Victims identified in 13th St. shooting

Police say these women were completely innocent, with no gang ties.

Beloved postal worker retires after delivering three decades of smiles

Residents of the Echo Farms community bid farewell to a beloved postal worker who retired after three decades of service on Friday afternoon.