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Contraceptive app under fire for unwanted pregnancies

A contraceptive app is under fire after more than three dozen users experienced unplanned pregnancies.

Ikea ad reveals coupon when pregnant women pee on it

Ikea's first new ad for 2018 is interactive. The ad features a popular item – a crib – and a message that might draw a double take.

Study finds more pregnant women are smoking marijuana

There's a new study out suggesting that more pregnant women appear to be using marijuana, sometimes to soothe anxiety and morning sickness.

Father-to-be surprises girlfriend with ‘dad-bod’ pregnancy photoshoot

An expecting father in Massachusetts has shown off his paternal glow with a pregnancy photo shoot.

Oops! Serena Williams made pregnancy public by accident

Serena Williams says she was taking a personal photo of her progressing pregnancy on Snapchat when she accidentally pressed the wrong button and made the post public.

Couple keeps pregnancy secret for 9 months to surprise grandma

A grandmother got the surprise of her life Saturday when her son and daughter-in-law revealed they were expecting -- just two days before the baby was born.

Number of U.S. women taking maternity leave stagnant for 22 years

The number of women in the United States who take maternity leave has remained stagnant for the past 22 years, despite factors that suggest it should be increasing, according to a new study.

C-sections, induced births decline in US, study finds

The rate of cesarean sections and induced births in the U.S. has declined, reversing a decades-long trend of increased rates of obstetric interventions, according to a study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

San Francisco approves fully paid leave for new parents

San Francisco became the first place in the country Tuesday to require businesses to provide fully paid leave for new parents in what was hailed as the latest move to address income inequality in the nation.

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