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Mini Mercury skips across sun’s vast glare in rare transit

Mini Mercury is skipping across the vast, glaring face of the sun in a rare celestial transit.

Keep senior citizens safe in the sun

Keeping your older relatives and neighbors safe in the sun goes beyond protecting their skin.

With delay in sunscreen regulations, expert offers advice for sun lovers

video Last year the FDA made new rules for sunscreen makers. But an extension on compliance means many sunscreens still boast protections that may not be enough. We checked with a dermatologist to find out what you should be looking for before soaking in some rays.

Rare sight as Venus passes in front of sun tonight

video If somebody had asked you a few days ago if you were excited about the "Transit of Venus," chances are you'd give them a funny look. It's an opportunity none of us will have again in our lifetime, and it's a sight that is truly out of this world.

New sunscreen regulations aim to block out confusion

video Your bottle of sunscreen will soon look different. That's because the Food and Drug Administration introduced new guidelines today. The new rules will tell consumers just how well products protect against cancer-causing ultraviolet rays.

Remembering the importance of sunscreen

videoLiving at the coast, most of us know the joys of being outside in the sunshine. But we don't always remember how important it is to slather on the sunscreen.

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