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Study: South Carolina teachers poorer today than in 2008

A study by the National Education Association says South Carolina teachers are poorer today than they were during the Great Recession.

Teacher takes two students to dance after their dad’s death

A Michigan teacher planned on taking both of his daughters to their school's daddy-daughter dance earlier this month. When he found out two of his former students had lost their father just weeks before the big event, he decided to add two more daughters to his group.

Teacher says she was fired after refusing to abide by ‘no zero’ policy

A South Florida teacher said she was fired after she refused to give a student a 50 percent grade on homework that was not turned in.

ACT OF KINDNESS: Strangers pay for retired teacher’s groceries

Texas grandmother is looking for the men who pooled their money to pay her $140 grocery bill.

North Carolina fifth grader punished for calling teacher ‘ma’am’

Parents of a fifth grader are concerned after their child was punished for referring to his teacher as "ma'am."

Georgia teacher searches for kidney in unique way

A Georgia teacher who needs a kidney is searching for a donor match in a unique way: by hitting the streets.

Coworkers donate sick days after teacher battling cancer runs out

A Florida teacher fighting cancer runs out of sick days so another teacher donates some of hers.

Rapping educators welcome kids back to school and they ‘like it’

Drop the mic! Two educators at Snipes Academy Art and Design in Wilmington are pumping up students for another school year with rhymes and raps.

Former Bladen Co. teacher pleads guilty to child sex crimes

A former West Bladen High School teacher pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving students.

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