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Lawsuit: School didn’t probe teacher accused of impropriety

A young woman who was abused by her physical education teacher as a middle schooler is suing in South Carolina, saying the school district hired the teacher knowing she'd been previously accused of improper behavior.

North Carolina teacher accused of storing student’s gun in class

A North Carolina teacher is accused of storing a student's gun in her classroom.

Teacher accused of slamming door, severing student’s hand

A Maryland middle school teacher is accused of slamming a door on a student's hand so hard that three of her fingers were severed.

Teacher wins $10K for reading fine print in insurance policy

A Florida travel insurance company has awarded a Georgia high school teacher $10,000 for reading the fine print in a policy she recently purchased.

Wilmington music teacher gets state award for work-based learning

A Wilmington teacher has received a state award to expand her education and help students in music literacy.

Remembering a ‘loving, selfless & joyful’ North Brunswick High school teacher

Co-workers, students, friends and family filled North Brunswick High School gymnasium on Saturday to remember their fallen angel -- Jennifer Denise Coston.

Math portion of NC teacher licensing exam could be replaced

The math test that nearly 2,400 elementary and special education teachers have failed in their bids to secure their licenses might be phased out in a matter of months.

High school teacher arrested after allegedly punching student

 A California high school teacher was arrested after video surfaced of him allegedly punching one of his students who used a racial epithet.

Study: South Carolina teachers poorer today than in 2008

A study by the National Education Association says South Carolina teachers are poorer today than they were during the Great Recession.

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