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Trump appealing ruling that bars blocking of Twitter critics

Fresh from blocking the Philadelphia Eagles' White House visit, President Donald Trump is asking an appeals court to restore his power to block critics on Twitter.

Trump says he has ‘absolute right’ to pardon himself

President Donald Trump asserted his presidential power and escalated his efforts to discredit the special counsel Russia probe Monday, declaring he has the "absolute right" to pardon himself and attacking the investigation as "totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Trump escalates fight with ABC after ‘Roseanne’ cancellation

President Donald Trump escalated a feud with ABC on Thursday in the wake of the cancellation of "Roseanne," tweeting at the chief executive of ABC's parent company.

Ambien maker to Roseanne Barr: “Racism is not a known side effect”

Roseanne Barr says the sleeping pill Ambien played a role in the racist tweet she sent about Valerie Jarrett, a former senior adviser in the Obama White House, which led ABC to cancel her TV show.

Judge: President can’t block critics on Twitter

President Donald Trump violates the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter for political speech, a judge ruled Wednesday.

How to pick a new password, now that Twitter wants one

Twitter said Thursday it discovered a bug that stored passwords in an internal log in plain text, without the usual encryption.

Ex-NFL player criticized for photo with daughter’s prom date and gun

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely says a photo of him holding a pistol while standing between his daughter and her prom date was intended to be a joke.

SeeClickFix: New app allows you to report problems in Leland

If you live in Leland, there's a new way for you to report non-emergency problems requiring attention.

Trump: ‘Crazy’ Biden would go down crying if he assaulted me

President Donald Trump is lashing out at Joe Biden for wanting to "beat the hell out of him," saying the former vice president "would go down fast and hard, crying all the way."

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