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Trump calls for raising minimum age to buy all guns to 21

President Trump again called for raising the minimum legal age to purchase all guns to age 21 during a meeting with lawmakers on guns and school safety Wednesday.

NC airport is setting records in 2017 — for guns found

TSA officers working at Charlotte Douglas International Airport stopped two North Carolina men with loaded handguns at the airport Tuesday.

TSA screenings fail to spot weapons most of the time, agency says

An undercover operation has revealed that Transportation Security Administration screenings at airports fail for the most part.

What the ‘most armed man in America’ has to say about mass shootings

The “Most Armed Man in America” has over 4,000 weapons, including bazookas, flamethrowers and over 200 machine guns, and they are all legal.

Police: Man taken into custody after being found concealing multiple weapons

According to Wilmington Police Department officers responded to 15 Castle Street, Soloman, Towers this morning in reference to a man with a gun.

Government-owned weapons stolen from car

An investigation is underway after a fully automatic rifle and other government-owned law enforcement equipment was stolen from a car in Brunswick County.

Some in GOP open to banning gun accessory used in Vegas

Senior congressional Republicans say they are open to considering legislation banning "bump stocks" like the shooter in Las Vegas apparently used to make semi-automatic rifles perform more like fully automatic weapons.
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NRA calls for federal review of bump stocks after Vegas shooting

The National Rifle Association is calling for a federal review of bump stocks, a weapon modifier that allows semi-automatic weapons to fire faster.

House to weigh in on move to end concealed-carry permit

A bill that would allow someone to carry a concealed handgun without a permit in North Carolina is nearing another hurdle.

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