ONLY ON WWAY: Bike falls off car causing pile up, drivers ‘thankful’ to be alive

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A trip to the beach gone wrong.

Friends traveling to the beach from Zebulon were almost to their destination when a bicycle fell from a car.

Which led to a big accident on I-40 over the weekend.

“I remember rolling one time and then I got knocked out and I wake up and next thing I know I’m trapped inside waiting on to be cut out,” one of the drivers in the accident Stephan Sollars said.

His truck was crushed.

He and some friends were heading to Carolina Beach for the day.

He was driving behind another friend when suddenly the bike flew into the air.

“Driving along and next thing I know I see like a red bike or whatever fly up on the top of the hood of my buddies truck,” Sollar said.

The highway patrol said that loose bike is what led to the pile up on I-40 in Pender County on Sunday.

“It just kind of opens your eyes a lot more,”Sollars said.

After one of the scariest moments of his life, he is thankful to be alive today.

Especially when he saw what was left of his truck for the first time.

“I really don’t know how i’m standing here, but I’m standing here God gave me another chance so I’m gonna make the best of it,” Sollars said.

A truck now gone that held special meaning.

“Basically every pay check I got from work went into this truck, so it was basically my world,” Sollars said.

The vehicle the bike fell from never stopped.

“It breaks my heart that somebody can know that they know that they caused that and not even at least say something about it. I mean cause if it was me I’d at least come forward and say hey that was my bike and I’m sorry for what I caused,” Sollars said.

He only had some cuts and bruises.

The highway patrol is still searching for the driver.

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