Phone app created to keep students safer

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  A new app was recently released targeted for students who want to feel safer during late night walks home.

It is called the Companion app. With the use of GPS technology, anyone in your contact book can virtually follow your progress on their phone screen even if they doesn’t have the app.

If your dot is not moving they can ask if you are okay. If you don’t respond within 15 seconds, an alert is sent. There’s also an “I feel nervous” button that you can use to alert the police to your location.

CFCC student Rosa Celozzi says, “When walking home to my car really late at night if I’m by myself it would be nice to have someone with me especially if I got a little nervous.”

“Yes it definitely would be super cool to have an app, especially if you have night classes and you’re all alone and nobody else is there around you,” said CFCC student Kaitie Goodwin.

The app was invented by five University of Michigan students.

You can download the app for free.

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