Powerball jackpot grows to $1.6 billion, largest in history

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The Powerball has grown to the largest in U.S. lottery history (Photo: NC Education Lottery)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Powerball jackpot has grown again, now sitting at $1.6 billion ahead of Saturday’s drawing.

The $100 million jump from the previously-announced $1.5 billion jackpot makes this the largest jackpot in U.S. lottery history.

If someone matches all six balls Saturday, the winner would choose between a $1.6 billion annuity or $782.4 million in cash.

“We have never seen a jackpot of this size before in the 30-year history of the Powerball game,” NC Education Lottery executive director Mark Michalko said. “Players dream of winning a jackpot like this. We are all hoping that a player in North Carolina sees that dream come true this Saturday night.”

While players continue to try for the jackpot, North Carolinians have been winning lots of other prizes. Wednesday’s Powerball drawing produced a $1 million winner, a $100,000 winner, and 11 $50,000 winners in the state. Monday’s Powerball drawing produced three $150,000 winners and three $50,000 winners.

The current Powerball run has raised more than $26 million for education in the state, according to a press release.

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