Regional meeting held to discuss water treatment options for north Brunswick County

Bolivia, NC (WWAY) — Yesterday, representatives from the Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer (H2GO), the County of Brunswick, and Towns of Belville, Leland, and Navassa came together to discuss water and sewer concerns in the northern part of Brunswick County.  This is according to a joint press release from county staff.

“There was a genuine spirit of cooperation and a common goal from all parties to provide high quality water treated by reverse osmosis to the residents,” said county administrators.

In the past, the majority of the board of H2Go were against a reverse osmosis plant constructed by the utility. According to what was said in this meeting, the idea of a regional system is something commissioners may agree on.

“I have always been in favor of regional solutions to regional problems, and that the county’s plans to build a reverse osmosis plant would be just such a regional solution,” said H2Go commission chair Jeff Gerken.

The fight for bringing a reverse osmosis treatment plant led to a vote to transfer assets of the utility to the town of Belville in November 2017. That vote was challenged by the newly elected H2Go board and it led to an injunction on the project that was supported by the town of Leland. In April, a judge ruled against the town of Belville and that asset transfer.

“The group agreed to provide conceptual information for enhancing collaboration and achieving regionalization to their elected boards and plan to meet again in July,” said administrators in the release.

Commissioners at H2Go confirm that this meeting was initiated from a directive approved at a previous board of commissioners meeting.

After Executive Session at H2GO’s regularly scheduled board meeting on May 21st, H2GO’s Board of Commissioners unanimously approved a motion made by Commissioner McCoy and seconded by Commissioner Beer that authorized H2GO counsel Steve Coble to attempt to resolve pending issues if it includes all of those affected within the region, including Belville, Leland, H2GO, Brunswick County, and Navassa.

“I’m hoping it will take us to a reasonable solution where everybody comes to the table and puts aside their personal agenda and just focuses on making sure everybody gets clean water in the most efficient way possible,” said county commission chair Frank Williams. “It sounds like most parties did that at this meeting I just hope that it continues.”

Williams adds that these meetings will not impact the path of the county’s low pressure reverse osmosis plant set to be built at the Northwest Water Treatment Plant.

“There was no agreement reached at this meeting but we made good progress. Just having everyone together to discuss the matter is a step in the right direction,” said Leland Mayor Brenda Bozeman.

Bozeman anticipates the council will discuss the meeting and more in July.

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