Repairs underway at condemned Leland apartments

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have an update on the Brunswick Point apartments in Leland that were condemned on Wednesday.

Residents of building 1008, who were evacuated Wednesday, should be able to return home after a set of stairs are finished being replaced on Friday.

All 11 other buildings in the complex were also condemned by the town of Leland. This came after at least two people were hurt when concrete steps came loose and fell to the floor below.

However some say this problem isn’t a new one, and claim management knew about it. One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says his grandmother got hurt on faulty stairs on one of the other buildings more than two years ago.

“Two times she fell it wasn’t that bad,” the resident said. “It caved in the third time and she fell from the third stair straight to the concrete just face first and it twisted her foot and actually fractured it in two places. She’s in her mid-60s or was still in her mid-60s at that point, and her bones are really fragile. I’m surprised it didn’t do more.”

That resident still has questions about what will happen to the other condemned buildings.

“Are we going to have to move out?” How are we going to be compensated if at all? Are these things going to be repaired right, because there’s concerns with other residents like, they aren’t doing a good job or hiring the best people to do it and even if they do fix it they obviously aren’t doing preventative maintenance. Like when you have your car you don’t just wait until it breaks down.”

According to the property management company, the stairs on the rest of buildings are set to be replaced in the coming weeks.​ IRT management says repairs were already scheduled to take place this week.

The company released the following statement:

“We are aware of the situation and are working closely with the Town of Leland. Repairs at the property were already scheduled to be made this week and we expect to have them completed very shortly. The safety of all of our residents is our highest priority.”

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