Sacked: Outer Banks plastic bag ban would go in Senate bill

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – A 2009 law prohibiting Outer Banks retailers from providing plastic bags to customers would be repealed in a wide-ranging environmental measure advancing through the state Senate.

The bill approved Monday by a committee and heading next to the chamber floor would do away with the program, which supporters say keeps beaches clean for tourists and protects wildlife.

Grocery stores and retailers along the barrier islands of Currituck, Dare and Hyde counties are required to offer recycled paper bags or provide incentives for customers bringing reusable bags.

Repeal sponsor Sen. Bill Cook of Beaufort County called the ban a feel-good idea that’s cost retailers plenty of money to follow. The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association supports repeal. Several local governments at the coast have passed resolutions asking to preserve the ban.

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