South Topsail Elementary teacher does back handsprings to motivate students

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Some teachers hand out scratch-and-sniff stickers when students earn good grades, but South Topsail Elementary School teacher Carly Silver literally flips when her students perform well.

Silver was a cheerleader at UNC Wilmington and has taught at South Topsail four years. Occasionally, she shows off some of her gymnastics moves as a reward when her students earn good grades or exhibit good behavior.

“She gets happy sometimes and wants to do them,” said first grade student James Robinson, who prefers to be called “JT.”

Just watching Silver interact with JT and his classmates, you’ll quickly see how much she loves her students.

“Their energy is just awesome to be around,” she said. “They get super excited about the small things. At this age, they actually really love learning and I like to feed off their energy.”

Silver said cheerleading actually played a major role in her decision to become a teacher.

“From middle school I helped coach the little kids cheerleading team and just from that I loved being with kids and I always looked forward to going to work and helping them out,” she said. “When I went to college and thought about what I like to do most, its to be around kids and help them learn and shape them into the people they are.”

Her passion for teaching doesn’t go unnoticed.

“She brings a lot of energy but she doesn’t get flustered,” said South Topsail Elementary School Principal Jennifer Angel. “I’ve never seen her raise her voice. I’ve never seen her get frustrated, even when things get crazy, she’s always keeping it together. She’s just got such a positive energy about her.”

Because of Silver’s positive energy and passion about teaching, we felt she was deserving of our “Teacher of the Week” recognition sponsored by Wilmington Granite.

“We get to know each other and its sad when the year ends because we’re around, I’m around them more than I am anyone else,” Silver said.

Years from know, she hopes her students will never forget how much they enjoyed being in her class.

“I’m looking forward to when my students get older and hear how I made an impact in their life,” and she added, “That will be really special for me.”

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