‘The whole world celebrates’ on-camera birth of panda cub

WASHINGTON (AP) — Officials at the National Zoo are jacking up their internet capabilities as a new giant panda cub is sparking fresh rounds of pandemic-fueled panda-mania.

The zoo’s ever-popular Panda Cam traffic has spiked by 1,200 percent since venerable matriarch Mei Xiang’s pregnancy was announced this week. When she actually gave birth Thursday evening, zoo officials said they had a hard time getting into their own livestream.

The zoo says Mei Xiang, an experienced mom, “picked the cub up immediately and began cradling and caring for it.”

Panda lovers around the world were able to see the birth live on camera, while zookeepers are using the camera to keep an eye on mom and baby.

She is the oldest giant panda to successfully give birth in the United States.

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