Wilmington City Council clashes over short-term rentals

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — “It’s like the wild, wild west, and we’re just trying to rein it in.”

That’s what one Wilmington City Councilman said about proposed regulations for short-term rentals.

The debate continued Monday morning, when Council was presented with another round of proposed regulations.

The biggest change involved whole house rentals.

“Today we brought forward something that would prohibit them in residential districts or allow them with a separation requirement,” said Christine Hughes, Wilmington’s Senior Planner.

One councilman wanted to ban whole house rentals in residential areas all together, while another thinks Wilmington needs to go along with the times and allow them everywhere.

Council members also asked for some clarifications on who can rent out a house.

“We do have some issues on who can be a resident, what makes you a permanent resident, what makes you a transient resident. So, I think they want a more clear definition of what a permanent resident is,” Hughes said.

The proposed regulations and Council’s comments will now go to Wilmington’s Planning Commission who will draw up a draft ordinance.

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