Wilmington International Airport welcomes 9th ever nonstop flight

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s a big day at the Wilmington International Airport. Friday, United’s inaugural flight from Newark to ILM landed.

To celebrate the nonstop flight agreement, firefighters conducted a water salute for the inbound flight, which landed around 3:45 Friday afternoon. This flight makes is ILM’s ninth nonstop flight, and it will mean more passengers and income for ILM.

“I noticed it was new, because I usually fly from LaGuardia. Which is a hassle to get to. But I didn’t know it was the first flight,” said Emily Babiss, who traveled from Newark to Wilmington to see her parents.
According to ILM’s Erin McNally, “Newark has been a top request for non-stop flights. We’re so excited United Airlines decided on non-stop between Wilmington and Newark.”

Friday also marked the first nonstop flight from Wilmington to Newark flew out just before 5 pm. The airport offered cupcakes to travelers for that flight.

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