Cheers! Wilmington’s Next Glass merges with beer app Untappd

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A locally-created mobile app that makes suggestions for wine and beer drinkers is merging with another app devoted to beer.

Wilmington-based Next Glass is merging with Untappd, according to an Untappd blog post that Next Glass shared on social media.

“It was evident very early on in our discussions that we shared similar goals and ideals for our respective apps and together we could achieve great things,” the blog reads in part. “Unlike other mergers happening in the beer world recently, this merger brings together two like-minded start ups set on disrupting the beer industry for the better.”

Next Glass helps users find wine and beer they may like based on ratings of previous beverages. Untappd is a social network based on beer.

According to the announcement, Untappd will be an independent entity, but a subsidiary to Next Glass. Untappd says the move will allow its leadership to focus on the brand full time and add staff.

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