Teen with autism gets 500 birthday cards from around the world


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After a teenager who has autism made a request for birthday cards, he received about 500 from all around the world.

Last week, we told you about Dante Brown who loves getting letters in the mail for his birthday.

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Each year, his mom Linda Lee posts something on Facebook about how much her son loves getting cards. Dante said he sings a specific song every time he gets mail.

“We just got a letter,” Brown said. “We just got a letter. We just got a letter. I know who it’s from!”

Last year, he got about 60 cards. After we aired something about it this year, his mom said the cards started coming in fast.

“When I sent it out, I didn’t realized it would be this many cards, you know, and when he says he likes getting mail… We got a task ahead of us,” Lee said.

This year, Dante received 500 cards that came from as far away as Australia, Ireland, Canada, Honolulu, Texas, and even Surf City.

“Surf City just went wild,” Lee said. “I was like did the whole town of Surf City send cards?”

It may just be a small gesture, but Lee said to Dante, it is so much more.

“There are a lot of caring, loving people in the world,” Lee said.

Lee said they never want to forget what each one of them has done for Dante.

“We’re going to put them all in a binder and we’re going to leave the names of those that sent the cards and we’re going to attach them to the back of the cards, so that we will always remember where they came from,” Lee said.

It is all a part of a much bigger gesture that makes this one sweet 16.

“We appreciate it,” Lee said. “Dante appreciates it. He’s excited and it means a lot that somebody really cares and I thank the lord for that and he’s excited.”

Lee said it is going to take them several days to open all of the cards.