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Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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FSU professor with autism shares journey of graduating with PhD

Despite the words of doubt, in 2014, Dr. Bills packed her bags and left her town, in Indiana, to attend Hawaii Pacific University. There, she, with the help of professors, realized her potential and wasn't satisfied with just a Bachelor's or Master's degree in social work.

NC mother sues after officer handcuffs 7-year-old son with autism

A Statesville mother is furious about how a school resource officer treated her son, who has autism.

Mom charged with the murder of son with autism

A Florida mother, who allegedly lied to police that her son with autism was abducted by two black men, was charged with the child's murder, police said.

NC mom gets 8 months in jail after autistic son dies in fire

A North Carolina woman has been sentenced to eight months in jail after her autistic teenage son died in a house fire.

Burgaw Elementary exceptional children’s teacher wins ‘Teacher of the Week’

Tiffany Hansley-Jones teaches exceptional children or students with special needs at Burgaw Elementary School.

Autism closet exchange assists families searching for sensory gifts

Two mothers are pairing up to ease financial stress for some families this holiday season with their first Autism Closet Exchange. 

NC mom says teacher made son with autism stand alone outside

A mother says her child with autism was put outside by himself as a form of punishment at a Cumberland County elementary school.

Mom says 5-year-old son with autism was punished for hugging

A mother in Tennessee says her 5-year-old son with autism was punished at school for hugging.

Mom shares sweet photo of custodian comforting daughter with autism

A mom from Alvin, Texas, shared a sweet photo of her daughter and a school custodian on Facebook — and the heartwarming image has quickly gone viral.

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‘I just remember hearing shot after shot:’ Ten Pin Alley shooting witness talks about frightening moments

The investigation continues into shots fired at a Wilmington bowling alley Friday night. And Wednesday, one anonymous witness spoke out about her terrifying experience.

Wilmington-based Bitty and Beau’s Coffee expands to two more states

 Bitty and Beau’s Coffee Shop has recently announced two more locations -- Bethlehem, PA and Auburn, AL.

Can you choose which COVID-19 vaccine you get? And other questions answered

Though vaccinations have been underway for a few months now, many still have questions about the process and the vaccines themselves.

Thousands give feedback to Wilmington PD about their pilot cruise lights program

The Wilmington Police Department says they have received thousands of responses to a survey about their "cruise light" pilot program.