Cape Fear area gyms taking precautions amidst coronavirus outbreak

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The novel coronavirus continues to spread across the United States. The pandemic has people asking is it still safe to go to the gym?

Workout facilities in the Cape Fear are trying to do their part to help stop the spread.

“All we can ask is just do your best to help out the next person and keep it clean for the next person,”said Assertive Athletics and Fitness owner Chris Burghardt.

Gyms and workout facilities across North Carolina are battling a tough issue. Just like all businesses they want to keep their doors open, but at the same time keeping their gym goers safe is their top priority.

“We have added more wipes and spray bottles with sanitizer in them as well as disinfectant,”says Burghardt. “We have done a full cleaning from top to bottom on our facility.”

Those precautions and more have been put in place all across America with the recent Covid-19 outbreak. In many states, gyms have been ordered to close by official government agencies. The gyms in the Cape Fear say they completely understand people wanting to stay home and practice social distancing at this time.

It’s a situation in which they have come up with a resolution for now at least.

“I have a online forum for our gym and I am putting the workouts on there every day now for those who want to stay home,”said Burghardt. “They are full 30 minutes workouts just like our classes and it gives people plenty of options to get a workout in.”

In the coming days it is a real possibility that gyms could be the next businesses to be shut down by the state of North Carolina due to the coronavirus. They want to remind everyone it doesn’t take being in a gym to exercise and improve your overall health.

“You can find a lot of ways to workout especially in our area whether it’s; running, walking, hiking, it doesn’t matter if it has to do with a weight in hand,”says Burghardt. “Just getting outside and overall exercise is better for us while boosting our immune systems.”

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