Drought could cause Christmas tree shortage in upcoming years

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We are 27 days away from Christmas.

Many of you are getting ready by putting up your holiday decorations including picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

With extreme drought conditions out in western North Carolina, could that be impacting the quality and quantity of trees found in lots around here?

Barr Evergreens Christmas Trees has a 600-acre farm located in Ash county along with a tree stand in the Port City now for more than 30 years.

“If Ash county was considered a state, we are the largest state in the nation for Christmas trees,” Manager Brad Jordan said.

They get weekly deliveries from the NC mountains which has folks around here excited for the holiday season, but extreme drought conditions that are currently in place out west is a big concern for business.

“I wouldn’t say it’s affected the crop this year, but the next year or two you’ll see a shortage in the trees because the amount of water, and the weather depends on how much the tree grows,” Jordan said.

He says he hopes for a wet winter to make up for the dry summer.

“More snow the better it lets them take the water as they need it,” Jordan said.

Finding out a tree is a family tradition for many and Jordan hopes Mother Nature doesn’t take away.

“That’s my favorite part watching them bring their kids and watch them get a little taller each year and eventually I’d like to see them bring their kids here,” Jordan said.

He adds the key to having a long lasting tree is to get it into water as soon as you get home. Also, don’t cut off the bark at the bottom, that’s an important part to keeping nutrients in.

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