Durham Teachers prepare for Wednesday’s ‘Rally for Education’ in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – On May 16 teachers from across North Carolina will come together at the General Assembly to lobby lawmakers for better education funding and working conditions.

As that day creeps closer educators are working together to make sure the movement doesn’t lose steam.

“It feels kind of like when you’re a kid and you’re looking forward to the holidays and you really want it to be here, but then you also don’t because you don’t want the day to be over,” said Symone Kiddo, a social worker at South West and Forest View Schools.

Thousands of teachers in North Carolina requested a personal day to protest in Raleigh. As a result, 36 school districts in North Carolina canceled classes for Wednesday, May 16.

“I mean the momentum is building itself right,” said Bryan Proffitt, President of the Durham Association of Educators.

“I mean like every day we’re seeing more school districts and educators around the state that have stepped up to say we want to make this happen. So really the thing has just been like the unity building around the state and just kind of watching ‘OK, we heard about Wilmington and then we heard about this county out in the mountains’.”

On Saturday educators came together to make signs ahead of the rally.

“In this together is one of our slogans and we think we’re looking at this as a community effort between parents, teachers, students, and supportive community members,” said John Davis, a third-grade teacher at Hope Valley Elementary.

Teachers say the event is not about a pay raise, it’s about their students.

You can read more on how Wake County teachers are rallying together here.

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