Humpday Health: Bike racing benefits come from training

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Last week we told you some of the health benefits of riding a bike, this week we’re going to turn things up a notch.

“Racing is the end goal and the health benefits come from the actual training that leads to the actual race day.” Shawn Spencer, BikeCycles Owner, said.

For many bike races, like triathlons, that training can be extensive. but it’s also one of the best aspects for some.

“I think for personally for me, the best part of racing is the training.” Spencer said.

There are several things to consider while training: sticking to a routine, planning accordingly and eating right, to name a few. If efficiency is key to your training, your fuel is very important.

“I’ve learned over the years that it’s about 80% diet and 20% work on the training end to be more efficient on your bicycle.” Spencer said.

When most people think about bike racing, it’s safe to assume you think of Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France. But here locally, you can bike race in iron man races as well as fat bike races happening at Wrightsville Beach.

“That specific race is very family friendly, low key, right on the beach. It’s using a bicycle that not a lot of people have currently, but the sales are growing.” Spencer said.

Bike racing, like most racing, gets the competitive juices flowing in many. But racing is about more than wins and losses.

“I think the benefits of racing are multi-tiered, in that you learn a lot about yourself when you try to achieve a certain goal.” Spencer said.

For a list of races in your area click here.

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