Humpday Health: Kiteboarding is a high-intensity, full-body workout

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) —  This week in Humpday Health we return to the water for one of the toughest full-body workouts you can get, while having some serious fun while doing it. This is kiteboarding.

“These kites are made for this” Wrightsville SUP Owner Jarrod Covington said. “These aren’t your dollar store two handle, rip apart in two uses kind of kite.”

No, these are much more than that. Kiteboarding utilizes a specialty kite while surfing the waves of the ocean.

“There’s really no other sport like it with the adrenaline that it brings,” Covington said. “It gets your heart racing. You’re getting this super intense workout with cardio and you’re outside playing around in the waves and not even thinking about the fitness aspect of it.”

With that said, the fitness aspect of kiteboarding is almost second to none. This isn’t a basic water sport, it’s one that requires plenty of lessons and training. But you’re getting an incredible full-body workout.

“Kiting was one of my passions when I was a kid,” Covington said. “Even now to this day when I’m doing it I find muscles that I feel like I’ve never used the next day. You keep the core strong to keep the kite from bending your body. So to keep yourself upright. You use your arms to keep control of the kite and pulling in on the tension of the kite and the bar on the lines. Then you’re using your legs when you’re adjusting your direction and using the board on different edges.”

Kiteboarding is a growing sport in the area, and even across the country and world. Even President Obama is behind the trend.

“Once you get the first feeling of the power of the kite, then you’re hooked.” Covington said.

Ready to hit the waves? Check out the Wrightsville SUP website by clicking here.

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