Humpday Health: Trampoline fitness classes

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Are you looking for a new way to burn some calories that’s a little more exciting than endless laps on the treadmill? Well we might have just the thing.

“I would say it’s a combination of cardio mixed with Pilates,” said Aimee Flint, a trampoline fitness instructor at Defy Gravity. “The trampoline as I tell people, it’s not real life.”

The trampoline adds a new level of difficulty, but also a new level of fun.

“We’ve had a lot of people come, some people bring their kids,” Flint said.

All age groups and any level of athletic ability are welcome.

“With anything that you do, it’s about listening to your body and knowing where your limitations are. I mean you go out there and you think you’re 12 again and you just start being wild and crazy,” Flint said.

And no matter how much fun you feel like you’re having, you’re getting a serious workout in as well.

“You know you’re jumping so obviously there’s legs, so obviously there’s cardio so your heart rate is up,” Flint said.

This class is not just about jumping.

“I also do a pretty big core section because with the mat, it bends and moves with you, the trampoline bends and moves with you, so you’re able to move a little bit differently than you would on the floor,” Flint said.

And you can even get in a good arm workout using foam blocks from the foam pit.

“It’s an opportunity to really change up your workout. You can go to the gym and lift weights or you can take different classes but this is a very different type of class. And it’s a good time for anybody and everyone,” Flint said.

She said having a good time while you workout can even help encourage you to stick with it.

“We’re creatures of comfort and we prefer comfort and when you workout you usually take yourself out of that comfort zone and so when you put yourself in those places you want to have a good time doing it,” Flint said.

So maybe trampoline fitness can work for you and the whole family.

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