Humpday Health: Working out while you’re expecting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Mother’s Day is right around the corner so this Humpday Health is for the moms and moms-to-be out there.

“I feel like I’m setting an example for other women that are either pregnant or trying to get pregnant,” said group fitness instructor and expecting mother Shelley Jackson.

Jackson is 32 weeks pregnant and still hitting the gym.

“It’s been exciting. It’s kept me in shape. It keeps me busy,” Jackson said.

So what is working out like while expecting.

“Pretty much my same routine that I did non pregnant with the elimination of some resistance training. I do pilates, barre, I’ve done prenatal yoga. I walk. I teach spinning,” Jackson said.

But she said it’s important to have a plan for safe workouts.

“I would say consult with your physician obviously is the first most important thing. Listening to your body, knowing your own limitations,” said Jackson.

For example, Jackson said hydrating more during the first trimester can help with morning sickness during your workouts.

“It’s not the time to push yourself like you did prior to being pregnant,” said Jackson.

And there are some exercises that you should skip altogether.

“Contra indications for pregnancy particularly involving the abdominals because diastasis recti they call it, the separation of the abdominals, can occur during pregnancy because your abdominals are compromised. So you want to make sure that you follow what your doctor or physician is recommending for you. Typically after the first trimester they don’t recommend abdominal crunches,” said Jackson.

But never fear, Jackson said there are other ways to work those muscles. And as for after the baby arrives, Jackson said she is optimistic.

“Hopefully my routine, once I’m cleared, if everything goes well, I’ll just step right back into it. Hopefully things flow right back into the normal day to day pattern and I can go back to my usual fit self,” said Jackson.

She still has about a month to go before she welcomes her new baby into the world and she is going to keep working out until he gets here.

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