ONLY ON WWAY: 16 minute memorial workout to pay tribute to the 16 fallen military members

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A workout with a special reason behind it.

Coastal Fitness Center in Hampstead, partnered with Team RWB Camp Lejeune to do an intense workout to pay tribute to the 16 men who died in Mississippi. 

Dozens participated in the intense workout for the 16 men who were killed when the KC-130 they were on crashed on July 10th.

“Today we are just having a workout to honor the fallen. We just needed to come together as a community and we wanted to find a way to do our part. This hit close to home,” Team RWB Camp Lejeune Communications Director Tiffany Capehart, said.

Many said the memorial workout was difficult, but it was easy to find motivation.

“Just kept looking at those 16 flags. I just wanted to honor each one, so every time I went down to that end I just wanted to take a moment and let them know we were doing this for them,” Capehart said.

The workout lasted 16 minutes and each exercise was for 16 reps in memory of the 15 Marines and Navy Corpsman.

“I’ve been a Marine for 19 years, so anytime we do something for fallen Marines and Sailors, I want to be a part of it. I think its important as a father, I know some of them were fathers, some of them were husbands, somebody’s son and somebody needs to be here for them,” United States Marine James Baum said.

After finishing the workout Capehart was worn out, but said this was the least she could do for the fallen men.

“Whew! That was tough, but its nothing compared to what they do for PT out on the battlefield, so this was our battlefield today in their memory and we definitely got our butts kicked,” Capehart said.

Coastal Fitness Center Manager, Debra James, said she was proud of everyone who came to workout.

“Watching everybody out here really push as hard as they could at all their different fitness levels because not everybody is on the same level that was out here it really. I felt proud to be a Marine spouse, felt proud to be a part of this gym, in the community and so proud of all these people that came out,” James said.

Sweat and hard work was not the only thing people gave. $920 was raised for organizations benefiting the families of the men who died and Coastal Fitness Center will be matching the donated amount.

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