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Think things are bad for airlines? It’s about to get worse

The biggest and most profitable U.S. airline just posted its first quarterly loss in more than five years. Now things are going to get really bad.

Area leaders break ground on ILM Airport terminal expansion phase 2

Community leaders broke ground on the new terminal at Wilmington International Airport this morning. 

Frontier announces new flights from RDU and MYR

Frontier Airlines announced six new routes at RDU International Airport Thursday morning.

Woman says airline told her to flush emotional support hamster down the toilet

A Florida woman says an airline told her to flush her hamster down an airport toilet because the emotional support rodent wasn't allowed to fly with her.
American Airlines jets on the runway at Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: WWAY)video

Could American Airlines glitch impact holiday flights at ILM?

A glitch in American Airlines' pilot scheduling system led to too many pilots being given time off during the holidays, so could it affect Wilmington's airport?
American Airlines jets on the runway at Wilmington International Airport. (Photo: WWAY)video

American Airlines doesn’t have enough pilots scheduled for holiday travel

A scheduling glitch has left American Airlines without enough pilots and staff during the busy December travel period, the airline's pilot union said on Wednesday.

Airline wants to weigh you before you board the plane

Finnair has just begun a new program where it weighs passengers before take-off to help collect more accurate data about weights on its flights.

Passenger says Delta crew stopped her from singing anthem

A Georgia physician said her plan to honor a fallen soldier by singing the U.S. national anthem aboard a Delta Air Lines plane carrying the soldier's casket was stopped by a flight attendant who told her it would violate company policy.

Alert airline passenger tips off authorities to sex abuse suspects

Police say a sharp-eyed airline passenger spotted another passenger texting about sexually assaulting children, leading officers in California and Washington state to arrest two people and find two young victims.

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