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Four years later: Family reacts to arrest made in 14-year-old’s murder

An arrest has been made four years after a shocking crime. Wilmington Police have charged Cedric Burnett with the murder of 14-year-old Aljhean Williams.

#UNSOLVED: Man charged in 2016 murder in Wilmington

A man has been charged in a 2014 murder featured on #unsolved in Wilmington. 

Community holds vigil for 14-year-old killed, still looking for answers

It's been four years since a 14-year-old Wilmington boy was shot and killed while walking home. Friends and family say they're still looking for answers.

Community “Finishes the Walk Home” for teen shot and killed on walk home

The community gathered tonight to "Finish the Walk Home" for Aljhean Williams. The 14-year-old was shot and killed three years ago.

#UNSOLVED: WPD offering $5,000 reward in 14-year-old’s murder

After two years since a Wilmington murder, detectives are offering up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest in the death of Aljhean Williams, 14.

Family of shooting victim seeks to help youth

Today, the community came together to commemorate Williams and promote alternatives to violence.

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