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Uninvited gator interrupts Florida family’s Thanksgiving

A Florida family refused to make room at their Thanksgiving table for an uninvited guest, who was so angry at being left out that he repeatedly slammed the front door.

Hunter thought he would die in the swamp when gator bit him

Hours after an alligator bit James Boyce on the leg deep inside a swamp, the avid hunter had resigned himself to dying.

Men accused of forcing small alligator to drink beer

Authorities say they've arrested a Florida man who provoked a small alligator into biting his arm and poured beer into the animal's mouth.

Later, gator! Wilmington road briefly closed as officers wait on rotund reptile

An unexpected visitor caused Wilmington Police to close a road.

Alligators caught climbing fences and swimming across roads in Florida

Most people know alligators get just about everywhere in Florida, but now they've really leveled up. Videos from last week show one swimming in the middle of a busy road -- and another climbing a fence.

SC Aquarium: Albino alligator “Alabaster” dies after battling infection

The South Carolina Aquarium says Alabaster, a rare albino alligator, died Friday morning after battling an infection.

Caught on Camera: Alligator on Oak Island beach

Alligators can show up nearly anywhere in the Cape Fear, but it's not often they are found on the beach. Mary Lewis Scoville says she was near the Oak Island Pier around 10:30 Thursday morning when she saw the alligator on the beach.

Nearly 8-foot-long alligator spotted outside Sunset Beach home

A very large alligator was found outside a Sunset Beach home early Thursday morning.

Alligator found under woman’s car in Carolina Beach

A Carolina Beach woman got quite a surprise when she looked underneath her car early Tuesday morning.

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