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Plants blooming early because of warm weather

Many plants and flowers are blooming earlier than usual at Airlie Gardens due to unseasonably warm weather.

Azalea bloom late due to cold winter

videoThe Azalea Festival in Wilmington relies on the beautiful flowers to set the scene for the celebration.

‘Plant an Azalea Week’ helps get Wilmington ready for Azalea Festival

videoIt's less than a week until the Azalea Festival. That means it's "Plant an Azalea Week." The event kicked off this morning in Wilmington.

Azaleas arrive for next year’s Garden Tour

videoThe North Carolina Azalea Festival is still months away, but the Azalea Garden Tour began taking shape today. Encore Azalea donated various types of the plant to next year's Garden Tour owners, so they can begin gearing up for next spring's big event.

Warm winter having impact on crops, azaleas

video The relatively warm winter has many people saying, "This is why I live in the south." But that weather raises some concerns among farmers, who say some of their crops are now at risk.

Azaleas arrive as Wilmington prepares for festival

It's starting to look a lot like the Azalea Festival. The founder of Encore Azaleas delivered azaleas for the garden at the World's Largest Rotary Wheel at Greenfield Lake this morning.

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