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Weird weather leaves plants confused, causing early bloom

After an extremely mild start to 2020, it's finally starting to feel like winter.

Sure sign of fall as symbol of spring arrives in Wilmington

It may be fall, but the Cape Fear Garden Club is already getting ready for spring and the Azalea Festival.

See the end of the Azalea Festival Parade

videoDue to the parade starting late and WWAY only having three hours of air time for the Azalea Festival Parade, the live coverage was cut short. So, here's video of the end complete with Queen Azalea Kirsten Haglund.

Azaleas survive drought

videoThe North Carolina Azalea Festival kicks off one week from today. We've dealt with a pretty significant drought since last year's festival ended. So that had us wondering how the featured flowers would look for the event.

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