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Judge approves merger of T-Mobile and Sprint

A federal judge in New York has approved the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint in a controversial decision Tuesday.

Verizon experiencing outage across most of North Carolina

A Verizon wireless outage is affecting a large part of the state of North Carolina, including Wilmington, Charlotte, the Triad, and across to the Triangle.

New bill could add ‘sexting’ to sex ed classes in Illinois

Lawmakers in Illinois are proposing a bill that calls for schools to add "sexting" to their sex education classes.

Sheriff: NC woman opens fire on cell tower workers

Cell tower workers -- the brave souls who climb hundreds of feet into the air to make sure your cellphone works -- have a terrifying enough job, but police said a NC woman made it even scarier by shooting at them this weekend.

Motorola relaunching its iconic Razr flip phone

Motorola is it is bringing back its iconic Razr flip phone in 2020, but with a price tag of $1,500.

NC man beaten, shot after setting up online phone transaction

A North Carolina teen has been charged with shooting, robbing and carjacking a man after being lured with an online offer of a cell phone sale.

Target recalls USB charging cables due to shock and fire hazards

Target is recalling about 90,000 Heyday brand lightning to USB charging cables due to a potential shock and fire hazard. The recall was announced Wednesday.

Proposed bill would make it illegal in NC to use cellphone while driving

A new bill proposed in the House would make it illegal in North Carolina to use hand-held communication devices, such as cellphones, behind the wheel while driving.

South Carolina sheriff: Panic button app on teachers’ phones

A South Carolina sheriff says a panic button app is being installed on every teacher's cellphone in his county.

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