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Two chemistry professors accused of making meth

Two Arkansas college chemistry professors have been arrested on charges of making meth, in an apparent case of life imitating art.

NC high school student injured after explosion in chemistry class

A high school student is recovering after her family says she was injured during an explosion during an on-campus chemistry class.

Pender County teacher recognized for helping students master chemistry

Were there some classes you avoided taking in high school? For some students it may be math or chemistry class, but we found a Pender County teacher who has a knack for making difficult subjects understandable for his students.

High school evacuated after chemistry class explosion injures 17 students, 1 teacher

A science experiment at a magnet school in the Nashville suburbs turned into a dangerous chemical fire, injuring 17 high school students and their teacher.

Duke, UNC professors win Nobel Prize

A professor from Duke University and a professor from UNC Chapel Hill are part of a team that won a Nobel Prize today.

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