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Dentist agrees to suspension after 15 patients sickened

A New Jersey oral surgeon has agreed to a five-year license suspension after 15 patients were sickened by a bacterial heart infection and one died.

Dental patients advised to get tested for HIV, hepatitis

Some patients treated by a Tennessee dentist have been advised to get tested for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Wilmington dentist offers free services Friday for veterans

A local dentist office is offering veterans free services Friday to thank them for their service.

‘Sexy’ mannequin Easter display causes controversy

A New Jersey dentist who created a racy Easter display is vowing to put it back up after a female neighbor used gardening shears to damage it.

Police: Mom drove with son on car hood over dentist dispute

A Pennsylvania mom faces criminal charges for allegedly driving with her son on the hood of her car after the boy refused to go to the dentist.

Woman seeks help when ‘Devil Teeth’ get stuck

A Mobile County woman's Halloween fun turned into a medical emergency when part of her costume took a frightening turn. 

A family thought their son couldn’t speak — then he went to the dentist

A six-year-old boy in Texas is finding his voice after a simple procedure on his tongue helped him to speak.

NC dentist apologizes for ‘ignorant and offensive’ ad

A Raleigh dentist is apologizing for an ad she called "ignorant and offensive" that ran in a local magazine. 

North Carolina reaches settlement with dentist over claims

North Carolina's attorney general has announced a settlement with a dentist over fraudulent claims sent to the state Medicaid program.

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