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New Hanover E.O.C. storm prep strategies

A busy September in the tropics. Hurricane Dorian brushed our coast just after Labor Day, but didn't pack the punch of Hurricane Florence.

State Officials Issue Guidance for 911 Calls During Hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, the North Carolina 911 Board and county 911 centers are preparing to ensure continuous and effective emergency services throughout the storm.

Emergency 911 technology struggles to keep up with the times

High school students hiding from the gunman in Parkland, Florida, were forced to whisper in calls to 911 for fear of tipping off their location.

Grocery stores selling out of items fast ahead of Irma impacts

Preparing for Hurricane Irma in Southeastern North Carolina has begun.

Flight into ILM makes emergency landing

videoA flight coming into Wilmington International Airport had to make an emergency landing in South Carolina Wednesday night.

House fire kills three pets

videoA house fire in Wilmington took the lives of three pets Wednesday. Wilmington firefighters said just after 9 p.m., a small fire started in the front room of a home on the 100 block of Glendale Drive near Castle Hayne.

Drill tests emergency readiness at area hospitals

video An accident on I-40 is bad enough, but if it's a semi full of chemicals, it's much worse. That was the scenario for a readiness test of area medical facilities that took place today.

Non-emergency transportation decision on hold in Brunswick County

videoBrunswick County has decided the business of non-emergency medical transportation will have to wait. County commissioner voted tonight to table the issue of providing extended services through the county's emergency management department until an April meeting. But what does that mean for patients and residents until then?

Experts who handled Giffords shooting, Joplin tornadoes share experience

videoSome jobs require lessons that can only be learned from first-hand experiences. Here in Wilmington this weekend, doctors, nurses and other emergency workers are learning from counterparts who handled last year's shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords and the killer tornadoes in Joplin, MO.

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