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Fayetteville florist delivers flowers to families for soldiers overseas

As floral shops scrambled to prepare and deliver orders for Valentine's Day, one Fayetteville flower shop is bringing smiles from loved stationed overseas.

Oakdale Cemetery: Oldest living shrub in Wilmington is blooming

Grounds at Oakdale Cemetery are blooming including what is believed to the oldest living shrub in Wilmington.

Three boys buy flowers for every girl at school for Valentine’s Day

Three Kansas middle school students went the extra mile to ensure every girl at their school had a special Valentine’s Day.

Business blossoms for florist on Valentine’s Day

Business blossoms for florist on Valentine's Day

Flower farm damaged by Hurricane Florence busy prepping for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine's Day just three days away, shops are filling with flowers hoping to be the right gift for your lover.

Wilmington florist gears up for busy Valentine’s Day

Months of planning and weeks of preparation come to a head at many local businesses this week as preparations are under way for a Valentine’s Day with heavier than normal predicted activity.

Flowers blooming in October?

Hurricane Florence made a huge impact on gardens and will continue to over the next couple of weeks. Warm and humid weather conditions are making for a very unseasonable response.
Silent Sam

Group places flowers at site of toppled Confederate statue

A group that honors Confederate veterans has placed flowers at the site of a recently toppled Confederate statue in North Carolina.

Royal wedding flowers donated to hospice patients

In a number of ways, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is a gift to their nation that keeps on giving.

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