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Police: Couple fabricated child cancer to solicit donations

Police say a central New York couple pretended their 9-year-old son had blood cancer in order to solicit money from sympathetic donors, even receiving an invite to Syracuse University football practice from the ruse.
Damaged trackvideo

School district approves GoFundMe for track repairs at Topsail High

A month ago WWAY told you about some community members in Pender County raising money for the track at Topsail High School.
Toys R Us

Toy company CEO starts GoFundMe in hopes to save Toys ‘R’ Us

A top toy executive is pledging hundreds of millions of dollars in an effort to help save Toys “R” Us through a new GoFundMe effort.
Damaged trackvideo

Community raising funds for track repairs at Topsail High School

Repairing the track at Topsail High School has been quite the hurdle for the past few years. But some members of the community are doing what they can to get over it.

How to donate to support victims and families in FL school shooting

Thousands of people have already donated to a GoFundMe page raising money to help the victims of a deadly school shooting in Florida and their families.

Thousands raised for CFCC professor in need of transplant

In just one month the community, and Cape Fear Community College, has come together to raise nearly $27,000 for CFCC History Professor Bob Brennan.

Oops? Teen ‘owes’ over $200,000 to charity after tweet goes viral

Instead of simply writing a check for a charity over Thanksgiving break this year, Danni Messina decided to turn to social media to get her friends involved.

WATCH: Kindergartner empties piggy bank to pay for classmates’ milk

Two weeks ago, a 5-year-old girl named Sunshine Oelfke emptied out her piggy bank onto the living room floor and immediately started "counting."

Vigil on Oak Island held for father, son who died in fire

It's been an emotional day in Oak Island  after a father and son died in a house fire.

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