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Adult kickball in Wilmington still kicking after ten years

When driving down South Front Street in Wilmington for the past ten years, one can't help but see grown adults playing a childhood game with the same enthusiasm as someone in elementary school. This is kickball.

Samara’s Village holds charity kickball tournament

Samara's village held its first charity kickball tournament at town creek park.

Kickball league aims to cut back violence, create community

For three years kickball has been bringing people together. Folks from all age groups and backgrounds come together at the field at the Martin Luther King Center to create a sense of community in the Port City.

Wilmington Stonewall Kickball League is more than just the competition

The vision of Stonewall Kickball is believing every person should have the ability to feel comfortable being oneself in organized sports. That was evident recently at championship day for Stonewall Kickball Wilmington.

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