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Baby dies after contracting mold infection at children’s hospital

A nearly 6-month-old baby has died after contracting an Aspergillus mold infection at Seattle Children's Hospital. Beth Hutt died early Wednesday.

Increase in respiratory emergencies at NHRMC

As the Cape Fear continues to recover from Hurricane Florence, many damaged homes are fighting mold. If you have mold, act quickly. The longer it grows, the more damage it can cause. Exposure to it can cause serious health problems. 

Father says he found mold in kid’s Capri Sun pouch

A father says he discovered mold in a Capri Sun pouch that he was going to give to his 3-year-old last month.

Charter school addresses water damage as students return

New Hanover County schools will not welcome back students until Thursday, but students attending one charter school in Wilmington returned today.

Mold growth in several schools delays Pender Schools reopening

During an emergency Pender County School Board meeting on Wednesday, board members learned mold growth in several schools will keep schools closed longer than expected.

Residents evicted after alleged mold outbreak at Wilmington complex

Residents say they have been told they need to get out, but management has not offered them any help.
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Health risks come out with flooding after storm

With the storm gone, clean up begins for many people throughout the Cape Fear. However, doctors are urging people to be careful as health risks present themselves, such as mold.
Crop problemsvideo

Extensive rain could damage crop in the area

The rain isn't just affecting those who work outdoors, it can also have a big impact on farms.

175,000 comforters recalled due to mold exposure

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced the recall of 175,000 comforters due to mold concerns.

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