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Potential carcinogen released into the Cape Fear River basin

North Carolina environmental officials are investigating a report by Greensboro that a carcinogenic chemical was released during wastewater treatment by a company.

Brunswick County is encouraging residents to “Recycle Right”

Are you putting the right items in your recycling cart? That’s a question Brunswick County and several communities across the state are working to answer this fall.

Utilities operations back to normal after spill, Kuraray releases statement

Brunswick County is alerting residents and water costumers of a spill from the Chemours Fayetteville Works industrial site.

Coastal towns to get funding to improve beach, waterfront access

A dozen coastal communities will get more than $1.1 million in grants to improve public access to beaches and waters.

Chemours importing GenX from overseas to Bladen County

Chemours is shipping GenX from its facility in the Netherlands to its Fayetteville Works site in Bladen County.

Community continues opposition to methyl bromide permit at 2nd DEQ meeting

Public comment on the the allowance of the permit ends May 18th.

‘We don’t want it’: Neighbors voice concerns to company on chemical emission request

A public hearing turned heated in Delco Wednesday as neighbors shouted their oppositions to a lumber transport company's request to use the reportedly toxic chemical methyl bromide for fumigation.
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Secretary Michael Regan stands against offshore drilling

At the top of the Harrelson building, North Carolina DEQ secretary Michael Regan wanted to let everyone know: offshore drilling can not happen here.

GenX in food? High levels of contamination found in farmer’s honey

A panel of experts is trying to get answers when it comes to GenX and how it is affecting you and your family.

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