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‘Aggressive’ panhandler raises concerns in downtown Wilmington

A man witnesses describe as an aggressive panhandler was taken by Wilmington Police this afternoon after he allegedly spit on one man, threw a bottle, and more. With Azalea Festival and tourist season coming up, some are asking when does panhandling become inappropriate?

Rule to ban giving to panhandlers from vehicles considered

A North Carolina city is considering an ordinance that would ban people from giving money to panhandlers from their cars, although some elected officials say that's not the entire intent.

Nebraska man holds ‘get a job’ sign near pandhandlers

At a busy intersection in Omaha, Nebraska, passers-by are used to seeing people begging for money. But there's a new face on one of the corners. Hes a retired military man, and he's fed up with panhandlers.

Raleigh citations for begging top 400 this year

North Carolina's capital city is pushing panhandlers out of its downtown district and nearby areas, with police issuing more than 400 citations this year.

Fight homelessness, one quarter at a time

videoNew meters are popping up across Downtown Wilmington, but they're not for parking. They're part of the city's ten year plan to try to end chronic homelessness.

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