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Squirrels hide more than 200 walnuts under SUV’s hood

A Pittsburgh area couple found out where all their walnuts have gone.

Squirrel jumps on UPS delivery driver’s shoulder in hilarious video

A Chicagoan’s Ring app caught an unexpectedly friendly moment on Wednesday when a squirrel jumped onto the back of a UPS driver as he made a delivery.

NC man shot by own booby trap while trying to feed squirrels

A man was shot Monday when one of his own booby traps went off while he was trying to feed squirrels at his North Carolina home, according to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office.

Woman speaks out after mom booted from flight over ’emotional support’ squirrel

The daughter of a woman who was escorted off a Frontier Airlines flight over her "emotional support" squirrel says she is proud of her mother "for sticking up for her rights."

Woman with ’emotional support squirrel’ removed from plane

Police at a Florida airport removed a passenger who refused to get off a Cleveland-bound flight after she was found carrying an "emotional support squirrel."

Ice cream eating squirrel has babies, owners ask for names

There's some more big news about Putter, the ice cream eating squirrel down in Holden Beach who has now gotten world-wide attention since we aired a story about her last week.

Squirrel served daily ice cream cone at Holden Beach business

Fantasy Isle owners Scott and Pam Martin says putter first showed up last summer and hasn't left since.

Rescuers free squirrel with head stuck in cup

Emergency responders in Connecticut have come to the rescue of a squirrel that was caught in a nutty situation.

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